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Zafferano Zaffillo

Saffron could be probably the most adulterated alimentary product


By: Sergio Parra | xatakaciencia

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world, so it has a certain logic that the industry tries to adulterate it to obtain huge profits. And is that the retail price can exceed 6,000 euros per kg in the case of Iran saffron, and even 40,000 euros per kg of French.

This high price is due to the fact that 150,000 flowers are required, at least, to obtain one kg of saffron.



Frauds around such an expensive product, then, have many forms. One of the most common is described by Christophe Brusset in his book How You Can Eat That:

As for saffron that is sold whole, in the form of filaments, like the one usually found in the open-air markets of Provence or Marrakech, it is the gross scam consisting of passing a petal of safflower or marigold for saffron . The appearance can be vaguely similar, and the orange ocher color also, but in regard to taste and coloring power, it has nothing to do compared to the real saffron, Crocus sativus.

A more elaborate thymus consists of coloring a filament, which can be silk, cotton, maíva beard or other vegetable fiber, with turmeric and / or an artificial coloring. However, the most astute fraudsters mix fake and authentic saffron, in addition to using artificial colors that, in the analyzes, behave just like the natural colors of saffron.

So, unless you buy a well-known brand, it is convenient to avoid ground saffron.


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